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The Society for Philosophy and Psychology is the premier scientific and educational organization for philosophically interested psychologists and psychologically interested philosophers in North America. The purpose of the SPP is to promote interaction between philosophers, psychologists and other cognitive scientists on issues of common concern.

The SPP held its first meeting October 24-26, 1974 at MIT. It met for a second time Spring 1976 at Cornell University. At this second meeting, conferees passed a constitution and elected officers. Jerry Fodor, then of MIT, was the first SPP president. The SPP prides itself on holding small meetings with significant interaction between participants and a highly selective review process for contributed papers.

The SPP is a IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization.

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Annual Meeting and Call for Papers

The 44th Annual Meeting of the Society for Philosophy and Psychology will be held on the campus of University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.

The SPP holds an annual meeting, usually held in June. Meetings consist of invited lectures and symposia, contributed papers, and a Presidential address. Social events include a receptiosn and lunch meetings. SPP encourages suggestions for the invited portion of the program for upcoming meetings. These should be directed to this year's Program Co-Chairs. We also encourage members (especially non-philosophers) to submit contributed papers to the meeting. Programs of past meetings are available.

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Membership in the Society for Philosophy and Psychology is open to anyone interested in joining. Annual membership dues are $60.00 per year for faculty, $40.00 for post-docs and others with limited income, and $25.00 for students. There is also a Lifetime Membership option for $600.00. Members are entitled to vote on all issues at the annual business meeting (including election of officers) and are automatically added to the SPP e-mail list servers.

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Each year the SPP awards three prizes at its annual meeting. Congratulations to the recent winners.

The 2017 Stanton Award, for a young scholar in philosophy or psychology who has begun making significant contributions to interdisciplinary research and has been active in SPP, was awarded to Felipe De Brigard (Philosophy, Duke).

The 2017 William James Prize, for the best contributed paper by a graduate student was awarded to Max Kleiman-Weiner and his collaborators Rebecca Saxe and Josh Tenenbaum (Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT) for "Learning a Commonsense Moral Theory."

The 2017 Poster Prize was awarded to Sydney Levine, Talia Waltzer, and Alan Leslie (Psychology, Rutgers Univeristy) for "The Role of Choice in Moral Permissibility."

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Officers and Constitution

The SPP elects officers and Executive Committee members at its annual business meeting. The President serves a one year term, and also serves as President-elect and Past President (ex officio positions on the Executive Committee) in the years before and after he or she presides. The President appoints Program Co-Chairs for the annual meeting of the year he or she presides. The Secretary-Treasurer serves a three-year term, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the SPP. Executive Committee members serve three-year terms, on a rotational basis. The SPP makes every reasonable effort to keep an equal number of philosophers and scientists on the Executive Committee every year, to have both a philosopher and a scientist as yearly Program Co-Chairs, and to alternate the President yearly between philosophers and scientists.

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The SPP welcomes inquiries about its activities. Address correspondence to the Secretary-Treasurer:

Luis Favela
University of Central Florida
Department of Philosophy
4111 Pictor Lane, Suite 220
Orlando, FL 32816-1352 USA
fax: +1 513-556-2939

Inqueries about the website and other SPP communications can be addressed to the Director of Communications:

Sydney Levine

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