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49th Annual Meeting of the SPP
University of Pittsburgh
June 20-23, 2023


Submission details:

Submissions -- consisting of 750 word abstracts -- will be due to the submission portal on Feb 1, 2023 at midnight (any timezone, i.e. UTC+14). Submissions are open format, but must be no more than 750 words + 1 figure and must be prepared for blind review. Authors will have the chance to indicate whether they would like to be considered for a poster, talk, or both. All submitters may be first author on only 1 submission (but may co-present any number of submissions). Upload a .pdf and other required information at the submission site. Please note: you will need to create an account on OpenReview at least 12 hours before the deadline so your account can be activated.

Commonly asked questions:

Q: Does the 750 word limit include references or captions?
A: No, 750 words applies to the body of the text only.

Q: Can I submit a proposal for a symposium?
A: No, abstracts can only be submitted separately but we will try to group together talks on related topics.

Q: Do submissions have to be blind?
A: Yes. Please remove all identifying information including self-citations that indicate the author's identity.

Q: Why are you using this annoying submission platform?
A: In previous years, we've used EasyChair which charges a hefty (and increasing) fee per submission. We know OpenReview can be less intuitive but we're experimenting with this free, open source alternative.

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