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Those interested in becoming members of SPP may do so when registering for the SPP meeting each year. (See the meetings page for details.) Unfortunately, there is currently no way to join the society at other times during the year. Annual membership dues for individuals are $60.00 per year for faculty members; $40.00 for post-docs and those with limited incomes; and $25.00 for students. There is also a lifetime membership option for $1000.00.

Members are entitled to vote on all issues at the annual business meeting (including election of officers) and are automatically added to the SPP e-mail list servers.


Email Lists

We maintain two lists. The SPP-ANNOUNCE list will only be used for official SPP business. This list informs subscribers about the annual meetings, calls for papers, and membership benefits. A second list, SPP-MISC, is used for conference calls, etc., from non-SPP organizations that the list moderator believes are likely to be of interest to SPP members. The SPP list servers are not forums for electronic discussion. We do not share subscriber's addresses.

To join an SPP email list (or to be removed from the list), email Kiley Hamlin at When requesting to join, state if you wish to join SPP-MISC and/or SPP-ANNOUNCE.



The SPP welcomes inquiries about its activities. Address correspondence to the Secretary-Treasurer:

Roman Feiman
Cognitive Linguistic and Psychological Sciences
Brown University
Box 1821
Metcalf Research Building
190 Thayer Street
Providence, RI 02912

Inqueries about the website and other SPP communications can be addressed to the Director of Communications:

Brian Leahy

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